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Breeding the British Warmblood

The British Warmblood (BWB) is pretty young breed, for the breed society was founded in 1977. The breed has shown good results in dressage, eventing and show jumping. It's usually approximately 160 to 170cm high and it has a light conformation.
Londomer Yard focuses on bringing new lines to the warmblood world and we try to select only the best horses for breeding. All of our own horses will compete internationally and we have a goal to pring everyone of them to their own variant evaluation.

Buying a foal from us
• mainly all foals are named accordingly after their sire
• mark Londomer Yard (linked!) as the breeder of the foal
• you have two (2) weeks time to deliver the site for me after purchase
• our foals are all bred in UK and their breed is BWB, except if the parents are both part of a closed studbook (trak, hol etc.)
• VRL registration within a month (1) of purchase, mark Domer as the breedingname, Great Britain as the breeding country and LOND6170 as the breeder of the foal
• please make sure you always inform current adress of the foal to us
• you can sell the foal if you no longer can keep it without our permission

Kasvatin ostaminen
• varsat nimetään pääosin isän nimen alkukirjaimen mukaisesti
• kasvattajaksi merkattava Londomer Yard linkitettynä
• ostotapahtumasta 2 viikkoa aikaa ilmoittaa sivut
• varsat syntyvät kaikki Englannissa ja niiden rotu on BWB (VRL EWB), ellei molemmat vanhemmat ole suljetun kantakirjan rotuja (trak, hol tms.)
• VRL rekisteröinti tehtävä kuukauden kuluessa ostosta, Domer merkataan kasvatusnimeksi, Iso-Britannia syntymämaaksi ja LOND6170 kasvattajaksi
• ilmoita aina voimassa olevat sivut meille, saat myydä varsan eteenpäin kysymättä lupaa

Foals 2016

01.01. bwb-m. Domer Samanthe sire Soundcheck dam Pinky Amber owner Londomer Yard
05.01. xx-s. Domer Thisisit sire This Is Brain Damage dam Ballencia owner Valmarya
12.01. hol-s. Domer Bayle sire Baltazar O' Polo dam Wister Pearlfection owner Valmarya
14.01. bwb-s. Domer Darnell sire Oldfinion Darius dam Domer Jessamy owner Anarchie
20.01. bwb-m. Domer Raquella sire Rainmaker dam Nobelle Crux owner Londomer Yard
03.02. bwb-s. Domer Tiziano sire Oldfinion v. Tico dam Wister Pearlfection owner Londomer Yard
15.02. bwb-s. Domer Blackjack sire Bullets and Booze dam Balirca My owner Skyline
15.02. bwb-s. Domer Neverdream sire Wister Nevermind dam Wister Pearlfection owner Skyline
15.02. bwb-m. Domer Quest Giver sire Quarterjack dam Nobelle Crux owner Anarchie
06.03. bwb-m. Domer Nothing sire No Shows dam Balirca My owner Abgelegenheit
09.03. bwb-m. Domer Sapphire sire Scabier dam Pinky Amber owner Anarchie
31.03. bwb-s. Domer Beauregard sire Marvellous Barathrum dam Domer Jessamy owner Anarchie
00.00. bwb-s. Domer Wallido sire Wahnfriede dam Balirca My owner Susikallio

Foals 2015

18.05. bwb-m. Domer Jessamy sire Jeramy dam Balirca My owner Londomer Yard
22.05. xx-m. Domer Love Fool sire He's Just A Flirt dam Ballencia owner Hillhouse Farm
10.09. xx-s. Domer Emrys sire Courcon Emory dam Ballencia owner Kilkenny
15.11. bwb-s. Domer Sherlock sire Samson Who dam Ballencia owner Port Dalingridge
12.12. bwb-s. Domer Leonardo sire Lucretius dam Nobelle Crux owner Frozen British WB


Stable owner Heidi N (VRL-01725)
Email virtuaalie@gmail.com
Registered to VRL LOND6170
Last update 30th of July, 2016

This is a sim-game stable
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Founded 15th of March 2015.
We have 15 horses: 8 mares and 7 stallions.
Foals born 18.

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